There is an illusion that at some point in the future we will have learned all there is to know. For some, this is already a reality. There is nothing you can teach me. I see this, heard that, done this, experienced that. All the new stuff I’ve read, or listen to the audiobook, or […]

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Speaking from inexperience

No-one likes sounding stupid. We would never communicate something that we knew to be incorrect or biased. The reality is that I cannot be informed about everything.  When I am young and inexperienced, I have opinions about everything, untainted by the world and reality.  When I am more experienced it will be so within defined […]

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Behind the Scenes

It’s the training and the commitment that sets you up for success. The early mornings and late nights dedicated to the goal. The market research and planning get the business going. It looks easy when we only consider the end result. It’s the behind the scenes footage that makes the show possible. The seemingly insignificant, […]

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Explanation Lenses

It’s when we attempt to justify our current realities. We conjure up excuses. We shift focus. We abdicate responsibility. So does everyone else. We are fooled into thinking this behaviour is normal. It’s not. Normal behaviour is defined by the default setting. That which is not taught but comes naturally. Kids are inquisitive. They discover. […]

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First Time

Yes, there is a first time for everything. The consoling line you get from onlookers or mentors when you fail abysmally. The challenge does not lie in our experience or performance, but rather in our expectations. We tend to build it up in our minds. We plan to expand our experience, sure, but expect at […]

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