Our ability to measure is the first step to progress. When we create a measurement, our first implementation provides a benchmark. This allows for testing, monitoring and improvement. It offers opportunities for incremental change. With quantifiable data, we set targets, create roadmaps and improve over time. Some data does not lend itself to quantity. The […]

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Hold your head up

It takes babies around four weeks to lift up their heads, 4 months to keep it upright while seated and 6 months before their neck muscles are strong enough to control it. This is 2/3rds the time of incubation. It’s one of our most basic functions, yet it takes quite a long time before we […]

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Cutting your losses

It’s a tricky thing. The longer you pursue a course of action, the higher your buy-in becomes, the bigger your loss when you walk away. This results in delayed decisions to cut losses, which increase the losses, which delay the decision. Most of the time, we either never make the decision, or finally do it […]

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Reframe reality

We tend to interpret and define our world by ‘reality’. Reality is just the construct within which we interpret information provided through our senses and intellect. It stands to reason that sometimes our constructs are flawed. This requires us to reinterpret. To change the construct. To redefine with another set of base assumptions. In business, […]

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3 Steps to Start

Three things turn ideas into businesses. They are simple and essential. We don’t get them right often. Prove the need. Determine whether the problem you want to solve or the value you want to add is worth doing. It doesn’t matter how pretty you dress up armadillos if people don’t want armadillos dressed up. Prove […]

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