Fast and Light

Sometimes, big challenges require a ‘just in case’ approach. When uncertainty is high, pack heavy. Be prepared for any eventuality. Secure responsiveness and flexibility into the approach. Fast and light is the other alternative. Commit to the cause, take only what you need, and get it done. It’s riskier. It’s faster. It’s really useful to […]

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Plans in Motion

It requires less energy to change the direction of an object in motion than it does to put it into motion, to begin with. Sometimes we get so caught up in coming up with the perfect plan, idea, product or business that we never start. We delay just in case we don’t get it right. […]

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Growth Hacking

The principle is simple: Sell more than you consume. Doing so produces more revenue than you require to maintain or scale your operations. This unlocks the virtuous cycle of even more sales and even more capacity. This hack rest on two levers. One: Sell more. This usually presents catch 22. You cannot sell more than […]

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Run the Maze

Every problem we face feels like a maze. In the search for solutions, we constantly hit dead ends. This is especially true with more complex problems with no ‘discovered’ solutions. New businesses, start-ups, product development, strategy, corporate culture are all problems without blueprints. We understand the principles that help us to navigate the maze, but […]

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The tribe has spoken…

You might not agree with the tribe. This leaves you with two choices: 1. Change your tribe. Find a new tribe, a new customer base, a new cookie monster client. Find the group you can connect with and add value to. Move to a group where your value is appreciated and they encourage and equip […]

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