Synergy and Greed

Few experiences match the thrill of great co-working relationships. The partnership just works. Everyone benefits. We achieve exponential returns. We have unlocked synergy. The result of our efforts is greater than the sum of the individual parts. We complement and enhance the contributions we all make. Something as rare an precious as this deserves to […]

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Exposing the best

This is the mandate of mentors. Great mentors create environments in which their followers can flourish. By implication, it’s also their responsibility. Every interaction is an opportunity to expose the brilliance of the individual and showcase it to the world. This is tiresome and draining work. It requires focus and intention. Great leaders do this […]

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Second Fiddle

In music, the first instrument usually plays the melody or the more advanced piece of music. The role is thus reserved for the most accomplished player in the orchestra. Playing second fiddle then, by definition means, you are not the best. You are runner up. You are good but not great. These are the connotations […]

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We are all confronted with them in one way or another. There is only one true inevitability that faces us all. It cannot be circumvented or ignored. Death. Still, after all these ages we don’t like to talk about it. There is something about its finality that weighs heavy on us. It stands as an […]

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They are intended to be functional rather than fluffy. They denote the level of responsibility. They indicate decision-making capacity and span. They should be accepted with respect and treated for the weight they place on the shoulders of the bearers. They can easily become accolades and prizes indicating privilege and influence. The titles indicate the […]

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