Founder Transcendence

The business you built from the ground up with blood sweat and tears shares your DNA. It shares your strengths and weaknesses. It the product of your vision and hard work. You are the creator that breathed life into this business. You are also one of the primary risks. Your business is not meant to […]

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Winter is coming…

It’s the season when it seems not much is happening. It’s hibernation. It’s go slow. What felt like progress before, with excitement and promise now feels like hard work and diminishing returns. We like the spring and summer. It arrives with a sense of accomplishment and new possibilities. Growth, capacity and progress are all visible. […]

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Holes in my pocket

Money burns them. Our pockets seem fine until we have a little extra cash jiggling around. We are not used to having spare change. We feel like the money is worthless if it’s not working. We force ourselves to find ways to put it to work. This is just as true for small businesses. When […]

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Funding is good…

Customers are better. Instead of spending time in search of grant funding, invest time to find your tribe. They may be small and reclusive. But you inspire them. They believe in your dream and appreciate your value. They need you. When the goal is value, the metrics for success change. When we change what we […]

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Earn the right

Just because you are qualified, experienced or intelligent does not earn you the right. When you engage with other people about their lives, their business or their challenges you should earn the right to share your opinion. We have opinions about everything. We form them in an instant based on experience. This ability gets honed […]

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