Work that matters

What would that be? When does work matter? The usual utilitarian response would be when it makes an impact. How do we affect the largest number of people, say 1 billion? Certainly, that matters. Saving the life of one person, through rescue, medicine or bravery matters. (A massive impact on the life of a single […]

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Defining the Impossible

We tend to think of the impossible as things that have never be done. Impossible is defined not by physics or reality, but by our understanding of it. It seems impossible because we are not able to find a way to accomplish it. For categorical impossibility to exist, we must first understand something completely, and […]

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The Bell Lap

It’s the final lap. That final push where you give it everything you’ve got. It’s the culmination of your race strategy. The swan song for long hours of hard work. It’s the opportunity to be remarkable. Welcome to the bell lap. The last month of the year. It’s not just about finishing strong, it’s also […]

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