The Gateway

If innovation is where we hope to go, understanding is the gate through which we get there. Innovation is more than just creativity or cool ideas. It’s how we solve complex problems of connection. Most innovations improve connection. Connection to people. Connection to self realisation. Connection to resources. Our ability to accurately solve these challenges […]

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Beyond the horizon

Line of sight is predictable. We can scope more accurately. Our planning is better and risks are reduced. As soon as we lose line of sight, uncertainty increases. Line of sight introduces micro changes that are predictable and therefore similar to the present. When faced with realities that are not sufficiently addressed within a slightly […]

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Fear of Constraint

is irrational. We think we want freedom. If we ever get it, we would not know what to do with it. Since the dawn of humanity,  we have only ever encountered two constraints. Those of physical laws governed by fundamental principles of physics. It defines how matter behaves. Our understanding of these principles have evolved, […]

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What and how

What asks the creative question. What needs to be created, solved, thought of in a new way. Often, we answer these questions by looking at what already exists and what others have done and then squash our problem into one of the options presented. This is useful when we have a problem closely correlated to […]

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The mighty Eco-system

The problem with inventing a solution or pioneering an idea is acceptance. Without acceptance, it doesn’t sell, you cannot scale and it dies. This happens to brilliant ideas as well as mediocre ones. When we build in isolation we take on an established immune system as a foreign, threatening entity. We activate the need for […]

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