Fear of Constraint

is irrational. We think we want freedom. If we ever get it, we would not know what to do with it. Since the dawn of humanity,  we have only ever encountered two constraints. Those of physical laws governed by fundamental principles of physics. It defines how matter behaves. Our understanding of these principles have evolved, […]

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What and how

What asks the creative question. What needs to be created, solved, thought of in a new way. Often, we answer these questions by looking at what already exists and what others have done and then squash our problem into one of the options presented. This is useful when we have a problem closely correlated to […]

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The mighty Eco-system

The problem with inventing a solution or pioneering an idea is acceptance. Without acceptance, it doesn’t sell, you cannot scale and it dies. This happens to brilliant ideas as well as mediocre ones. When we build in isolation we take on an established immune system as a foreign, threatening entity. We activate the need for […]

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New potential realities are birthed every time a new intersection is created between unlikely industries. Cross-pollination creates new species of solutions that never existed before. We live in a time where there is so much to discover. Every new technology or industry that evolves brings with it countless possibilities in and of itself, but also […]

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Boundless Creativity

Does it exist? We get so stuck reinventing, reinterpreting and reframing. Making old things new is creative and common. Beyond this, we find creativity that expands the boundaries. It lives on the fringes increasing the field of play. Accessing it requires interpretations of that which lies just beyond our reach. It’s a leapfrog in the […]

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