Innovation Bridges

Some innovations break the mould. They redefine what we believe as possible. They challenge our frameworks of reality. They also tend to fail. Incremental innovation has been far more successful. The gradual progress of a truly revolutionary idea. It gives consumers and infrastructure time to catch up. The quantum leaps tend to be restricted to […]

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The thing with disruption…

It’s not always successful. Just because you choose to do something differently doesn’t mean it’s necessarily better. Disruption for the sake of disruption works if the goal is to secure notoriety. If the goal is to initiate change, you may experience a hit and miss reality. Breaking things, challenging the status quo and questioning the […]

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The first day

When was it? The first day of your new business, new idea or new perspective? Usually, it’s hard to say. These big leaps happen slowly, incrementally. Like Neil Armstrong’s small step, it was the result of years of hard work and combined successes that created the impression of a giant leap. This makes every day […]

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