Work that matters

What would that be? When does work matter? The usual utilitarian response would be when it makes an impact. How do we affect the largest number of people, say 1 billion? Certainly, that matters. Saving the life of one person, through rescue, medicine or bravery matters. (A massive impact on the life of a single […]

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The thing about bandwagons

They are useful in attracting attention. It’s a tool we use to achieve critical mass. In gathers support and increases awareness. This drives entirely the agenda of the person organising the parade. The length, staying power and value of the bandwagon you climb on is predetermined. Once the route is complete and the set is […]

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Cause and Effect

The challenge with this kind of thinking is that the eventual outcome is determined by the original cause. Everything that happens in between is in response to the cause immediately preceding. It creates a domino effect. This ignores the potential for choice. It ignores the impact of possibility and the potential of vision. Our effect […]

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