Without Comparison

Or competition. Such is the reality of a business with a purpose for impact. When the intention is to make money, enter Michael Porter and his chariot drawn by 5 forces. The competition continues to grow until profit is marginalised unless barriers to entry exist. When the intention is to improve the lives or experiences […]

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Building Capacity

Increasing our ability to produce outputs. It’s a chicken and egg problem. We need more capacity to land big clients. We need more clients to access funding for expansion. Many small businesses get stuck at this hurdle for so long they end up servicing only their current clients and giving up on their dreams. Fortunately, […]

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Global Capitalism

Capitalism is one of the strongest transformational forces in the world. It has changed the face of the globe to one where poverty has been decreased and scarcity has diminished. As a philosophy and economic model, it has evolved and matured in response to its effects. It encourages competition to ensure healthy market forces giving […]

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