When change happens slowly

Some change is revolutionary. It’s drastic and happens virtually overnight. Disruption, political turmoil and natural disasters are great examples. Some change happens at a more evolutionary pace. It’s still drastic, but the longer timeframe makes it more palatable. When we intentionally implement change, shorter timeframes are preferable. It reduces the risk of incomplete execution. When […]

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Innovation Bridges

Some innovations break the mould. They redefine what we believe as possible. They challenge our frameworks of reality. They also tend to fail. Incremental innovation has been far more successful. The gradual progress of a truly revolutionary idea. It gives consumers and infrastructure time to catch up. The quantum leaps tend to be restricted to […]

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Shed the weight

Climbing a mountain is a big commitment. It makes sense to travel as light as possible. We don’t pack things we don’t need. Running a marathon is the same. It’s much easier when we are not overweight. Excess fat and even muscle serve no purpose. No point in lugging it along. Pursuing a new strategy […]

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