We have a tendency to do so. This tendency does not come from an innate desire to be as busy as we are, but rather the expectation that we should. It quickly becomes a badge of honour to claim that we are so busy, so involved, so committed. All of these traits and decisions are […]

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Owning up

This is what remains when we are confronted with failure. We can blame shift, or design elaborate excuses. This just drags the failure along with us. The only way to move forward is to own up. For leaders, this is even more complicated. Leaders can delegate responsibility, but never accountability. The final outcome is always […]

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Burden of Leadership

It’s a sacrifice. Leadership is not about you. Healthy leadership understands the price required to steer and pursue the purposes not of an individual, but of a collective entity, a team, a business, a group, a party. Leadership is a function with a high personal cost. If you succeed, you reap the rewards of association […]

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Second Fiddle

In music, the first instrument usually plays the melody or the more advanced piece of music. The role is thus reserved for the most accomplished player in the orchestra. Playing second fiddle then, by definition means, you are not the best. You are runner up. You are good but not great. These are the connotations […]

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