Funding is good…

Customers are better. Instead of spending time in search of grant funding, invest time to find your tribe. They may be small and reclusive. But you inspire them. They believe in your dream and appreciate your value. They need you. When the goal is value, the metrics for success change. When we change what we […]

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It’s a state of imperfection. This is not to be confused with ‘broken’ that refers to non-functioning. As much as we prefer it not to be the case, everything we are involved with, create or design is subject to entropy. Entropy is a force that feeds on imperfections. The fact that we are subject to […]

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It’s when we operate outside of our capacity. We extend just too far, we pick up a weight that’s just too heavy, we accept a project that’s just too big. Overreaching comes with a hefty price tag. We do it because we become impatient. We can no longer reconcile the benefits of the achievement with […]

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