Asking for help

We all have different tolerances for seeking out help. Like the age-old stereotype of men refusing to ask for directions. Generally, we try to avoid it altogether. Noone likes admitting incompetence. The ease of access to information aggravates this to some extent. Now, I never have to ask for help (or so I think) I […]

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When we get it right we extend our reach, amplify our impact, and push the boundaries of the possible. Sadly, we mess it up far more frequently. Partnership is meant to unlock synergies and expand our perspectives. This requires interdependence. Success rates increase when we honour a few fundamental principles: Mutuality. Both parties derive benefit. […]

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Help me fix it.

We all get criticism all the time. People point out the flaws and highlight the shortcomings. This is helpful. It expands our perspective. It’s also only half the job. The other half is recognising the value in that which we criticise. Appreciating what it represents that is promising and valuable. Bad news and more challenges […]

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Extra Effort

That exactly what it feels like. Extra, additional, over and above. In this case, it’s effort. It requires time and attention. It asks for sacrifice. How do I justify increasing discomfort for something that is not required? Worse of all is even if I did it, it would likely go unnoticed. Seems like a bad […]

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