Asking for help

We all have different tolerances for seeking out help. Like the age-old stereotype of men refusing to ask for directions. Generally, we try to avoid it altogether. Noone likes admitting incompetence. The ease of access to information aggravates this to some extent. Now, I never have to ask for help (or so I think) I […]

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Explanation Lenses

It’s when we attempt to justify our current realities. We conjure up excuses. We shift focus. We abdicate responsibility. So does everyone else. We are fooled into thinking this behaviour is normal. It’s not. Normal behaviour is defined by the default setting. That which is not taught but comes naturally. Kids are inquisitive. They discover. […]

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Because it’s there.

The reason you tackle big challenges. The fire in your belly. The inspiration to take on incredible odds. The conviction that there is more to your capacity than you have seen before. It drives you. It challenges you. It scares you. It’s the race you haven’t entered. It’s the mountain you haven’t climbed. It’s the […]

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Too good.

We have become so used to fantastic opportunities or great stories as bait to lure us into sinister situations that we filter it out. We have a default ‘to junk’ setting. It’s not intentional. It’s a defense mechanism. We implement it to avoid the confusion and pain false hope presents. What we don’t realise is […]

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Tougher than you thought

Our default sunny disposition is prone to drop us in over our heads sometimes. We all have a natural positivity bias. We believe we are much better at things than we are ( like driving). We also believe that things we have never done before (and thus lack a frame of reference to judge accurately) […]

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