False Summit

Sometimes it seems like you just have to breach the ridge your on to reach the summit. You put in the last push and drive it though, only to discover the higher peak in the distance. The disappointment is almost palatable. You are not even sure if you have enough strength to carry on. Hope […]

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Accelerating Curves

It creates an exponential impact. This is a great thing to hack when you want to scale a business or create positive change. It’s also a difficult trend to arrest. Extinction is one of these curves. The curve is accelerating. Most of its caused by unintended consequences of maintaining the other accelerating curves in our […]

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Leaving the greenhouse

It’s a great place to nurture and grow, especially when our little seedling is vulnerable. Greenhouses provide protection from the elements. We can limit exposure and control all the critical conditions that affect growth. At some point, we need to leave the greenhouse. Our little tree cannot flourish in those protected, yet restrictive conditions. We […]

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Rate of Growth

Usually the answer to the question, “How quickly do you intend to grow your business?” is “As fast as possible!” The question does not make much sense at first. Once we consider the implications, the picture gains clarity. The growth rate of my business is an intentional decision. It’s not based on cash pressure or […]

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