The thing that binds

There are many things that separate us. Our cultures, beliefs, traditions, languages and even geography create distance. Physical, emotion and cognitive distance that is tough to bridge. In pursuit of this bridge, it is useful to negotiate the difference. In order to do so, we must first understand the common ground. The one thing that […]

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Helping Others

It’s a pure motive. Acting in the best interest of others. Usually, this comes with strings attached. We give these strings meaningful and morally inspiring names, like mutual benefit or investment or upliftment. All these strings are good and drive society forward. That said, it should not become the substitute for selfless acts of service. […]

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Something Rare

People who possess rare things often manage them in one of two ways.  We either let everyone know we have it, but keep it hidden, or we are generous with it and allow others the opportunity to appreciate it. Keeping rare things to ourselves makes us feel special. It offers inner confidence that we too […]

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