Only way out

There comes a time for every entrepreneur when your back is against the wall. Despite all your planning, forecasting, and budgeting, there’s nothing left. Welcome to the wall. This moment will define you and your business. Most entrepreneurs give up. Between 70 and 90 percent, in fact, depending on where you live. We tell ourselves […]

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When the plan goes sideways

We have all been in situations like this. You planned everything to perfection. You project execution, your hike, your Saturday. You had a particular vision of the future. This vision was rendered impossible by a curveball. A black swan, an unimaginable eventuality, an emergency. This is not because you did not plan well, or managed […]

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When you can’t

When we take responsibility, we act. We create vision. We inspire effort. We sometimes believe that great leaders always have the answers. We do not measure up to this belief. We inevitably encounter failure, delays, and difficulty. This is the path of every leader. Every person that takes responsibility will discover the sacrifice included in […]

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