Cost of Commitment

What will it cost you to get in? What sacrifices will you need to make to get this done? Is it worth it? The question is rarely how much it will cost. The question really is whether the benefits outweigh the costs. People will commit to crazy things if they believe it will be worth […]

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It is fabled that Alexander the Great would often walk past his troops as they lined up for battle. He would ask their name and encourage them for the fight ahead. On one such occasion the soldier answered in a timid voice, looking down, ‘My name is Alexander.’ Upon hearing this Alexander the great answered, […]

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Entrepreneurs and Dog Walking

Don’t you just love those Saturday afternoons when you have an open social calendar? I know, for most of you that doesn’t happen too often, unless you have kids, in which case you might ask, “What social calendar?” Those afternoons are perfect for napping, or binge-watching series, or veg’ing on the couch doing absolutely nothing […]

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