Cost of Commitment

What will it cost you to get in? What sacrifices will you need to make to get this done? Is it worth it? The question is rarely how much it will cost. The question really is whether the benefits outweigh the costs. People will commit to crazy things if they believe it will be worth […]

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You the creator

This is the quantum leap. When I work as an employee I do what I’m told or expected. I follow processes and schedules that someone else creates for me. This is easy. I do not have to think. I am not expected to create. This is also hard. I have limited freedom. Everything I do […]

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What you have

The productive capacity of every individual and every organisation consist of three elements. Intent, Energy, and Intelligence. The mix of these elements is what determines the quality of our products, our competitive advantage, and our ability to service our customers. Intent is the desired reality the organisation aims to achieve. What difference do we want […]

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