The thing with disruption…

It’s not always successful. Just because you choose to do something differently doesn’t mean it’s necessarily better. Disruption for the sake of disruption works if the goal is to secure notoriety. If the goal is to initiate change, you may experience a hit and miss reality. Breaking things, challenging the status quo and questioning the […]

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Taste and See

We tend to become overdependent on a particular sense. Most of us favour a sense as predominant over all the others. When we absorb and process new information we tend to use the predominant sense as the fail-safe. If that sense is not convinced our brains alters our experience of the other senses to achieve […]

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Strategic Ambidexterity

Exploit. This is when we use what we have and what we are good at to benefit from an opportunity in the marketplace.  It is like discovering oil in the Pacific, setting up a drill, and letting the oil flow. It operates on the principle of established markets. This is profitable and less risky. Explore. […]

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New Competitive Realities

The competitive landscape is changing, quickly. We use great tools to keep our finger on the pulse. Michael Porter defined this landscape as existing and potential competitors as well as the threat of substitutes. This is no longer sufficient. The pace of change in technology is creating intersection points. Technology is linking industries, customers and […]

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