The Gateway

If innovation is where we hope to go, understanding is the gate through which we get there. Innovation is more than just creativity or cool ideas. It’s how we solve complex problems of connection. Most innovations improve connection. Connection to people. Connection to self realisation. Connection to resources. Our ability to accurately solve these challenges […]

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Level of your Expectation

You prepare for it. It shows in your demeanour, your language and the size of your ask. People are unlikely to meet you above your level of expectation. They use it as the anchor point to gauge your perception of your capacity, ability and vision. It would be foolish to task you beyond it. Those […]

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No-one else

When there is no-one else, it tells us one of two things. Either, this is a silly idea that adds no value, or it just seems too difficult, unappetising or challenging to be attractive. Silly ideas and audacious visions are hard to tell apart. Often, the defining feature is the narrative around purpose. As with […]

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Beyond the horizon

Line of sight is predictable. We can scope more accurately. Our planning is better and risks are reduced. As soon as we lose line of sight, uncertainty increases. Line of sight introduces micro changes that are predictable and therefore similar to the present. When faced with realities that are not sufficiently addressed within a slightly […]

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