The mighty Eco-system

The problem with inventing a solution or pioneering an idea is acceptance. Without acceptance, it doesn’t sell, you cannot scale and it dies. This happens to brilliant ideas as well as mediocre ones. When we build in isolation we take on an established immune system as a foreign, threatening entity. We activate the need for […]

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Perhaps it’s time to reconsider.

As we go through life and build businesses we face tough questions, problems, and situations. Over time we solve it. We create methodologies, processes and principles. These are mental short-cuts of sorts. They help us to use our mental capacity efficiently. We only have the ability to consciously think of so many things at once. […]

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Boundless Creativity

Does it exist? We get so stuck reinventing, reinterpreting and reframing. Making old things new is creative and common. Beyond this, we find creativity that expands the boundaries. It lives on the fringes increasing the field of play. Accessing it requires interpretations of that which lies just beyond our reach. It’s a leapfrog in the […]

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The unbelievable

It’s not so much that we cannot believe it as that we did not expect it. It refers to things outside of our frame of reference or expectation. This is usually because it’s very rare or really unlikely. It would be more acuate to say I did not account for it. Disruption works this way. […]

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One-Dimensional Measures

We place a high premium on academic prowess. Usually, this is determined by a combination of the marks you achieved for the course you studied and the quality of the institution at which this was obtained. In reality, this is a measure of your ability to memorise content for the purposes of writing an exam. […]

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