External Reference

Some of us have an innate sense of direction. No matter where we are, we have a general idea of the direction we are facing or heading in. Some of us don’t. No matter which category you fall in, external references are helpful. The way the environment responds to our approaches, products or personalities provides […]

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Defined by Design

A lawnmower does not make for a good fan. A fan does not make for a good propeller. Each contains all the essential elements of the other. These products are defined by their design, configuration and construction. Each could be used in a different way, but they will never fulfil that function as well as […]

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Building Monuments

One of the consequences of our rushed, instantly gratified, and the fast-changing world is that we subscribe to a short-term perspective. Not because we want to, but because the future is too fluid. We hedge our bets. We keep our options open. We hold off on commitment. This leaves space for innovation and responsiveness. It […]

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