Your principles offend me

We live in a world where uniqueness and individuality are valued and celebrated. This is a great leap in preserving and respecting the dignity of every person. If left unchecked, however, it can spiral out of reason. As an individual, I will agree and disagree with many other individuals. This is a fact of life. […]

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Appreciating the other

It’s not obvious. What is obvious is our: our perspective, our interpretation, and our experience. It’s the way we engage the world. It’s the right way and the only way. This is true for you. It’s also true for me. This creates division. It doesn’t have to. The first and most powerful step we can […]

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Exposing the best

This is the mandate of mentors. Great mentors create environments in which their followers can flourish. By implication, it’s also their responsibility. Every interaction is an opportunity to expose the brilliance of the individual and showcase it to the world. This is tiresome and draining work. It requires focus and intention. Great leaders do this […]

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Justified by…

What justifies our actions? … our inequality? … our complacency? What justifies our purpose? …our value? … our treatment of others? What justifies our justification? Show me how you enable and support the dignity of others. Show me how you honour and serve your community. Don’t justify. Mike Setchell

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