The world is more connected than ever. It’s something we seek. We want to connect with more than your social media manager or marketing department. We want to be in touch with more than just a call center or a chatbot. We want to connect with your purpose. We want a vision that inspires. We […]

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Two ads

My social media exposed me to two very different ads today. The first was by a digital marketing company. It was a one frame comic of two people talking. “How do I get more people to engage with my social media marketing?” “Make a spelling mistake.” As funny and sad as that may be, it’s […]

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Yes, there are many. It’s unrelenting and penetrating. The fix is easy. Work in a place without distractions. You might be surprised to find that this is not as easy as you think. The longest anyone has been able to stand the world’s quietest room is 45 min. So perhaps the answer to distraction is not […]

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Securing Relevance

We are all competing for attention. You want your work, products, business or expertise to be noticed and appreciated. So does everybody else. You could shout louder. This will bring you into the consciousness of more people. Uninvited, and unwelcome. You will spend plenty of money and secure diminishing returns. How many ads do you […]

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