Either or both

I have thinking preferences. So do you. This easily translates to me versus you, or my perspective over yours’ approach. This is helpful when the goal is to prove who is right. When the goal is to find the best solution, it’s a hurdle. Either or thinking is less useful when we are creating, exploring […]

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Infinity Coping

Our brains have limited processing capacity. When confronted with choices our decision time increases exponentially over three choices and more, for every additional choice. This seems counter-intuitive at first. Having more options presents a greater chance that the optimal solution is available. This may be so. The uncertainty of whether this solution is amoung the […]

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Decision Guardrails

Guardrails function not to restrict but to protect. It indicates the edge of the motorway and helps you stay on it, specifically in dangerous or tricky areas. It’s also preemptive in nature. It is installed at precarious areas of the road to avoid fatalities and damage. The funny thing is, we hardly notice them. On […]

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Making information useful

The first trick is to generate valuable data. That sounds easy. Data is valuable only if it is of high quality and a type we can use to inform the decisions we plan to make. Before we generate data, we should understand the desired output. The alternative is to generate everything, and then try to […]

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A world in transition

The world is changing in ways we have never seen before. It’s undergoing a fundamental shift. This is calling into question everything we believe and understand about family, social connection, work, healthy living, and fundamental belief systems. This is a good thing. Transitions such as these bring into focus opinions and interpretations of truth we […]

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