It’s not very high on the agenda. Mostly because we need so much time to cater to our own needs. By the time we are done, there is so little energy left to consider the needs of others. You see this show up in the way we disembark aeroplanes, navigate traffic and any other situation […]

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Boiling Point

For water, it is 100 degrees Celcius. Provided that you are at sea level, the water is pure, and is 15 degrees Celcius outside. It is not constant. We all have boiling points. So do our projects, our clients and our teams. If we reach them, the bonds disintegrate. Effort and impact evaporate. It’s a […]

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Chasing Sunlight

We periodically achieve moments of brilliance. Our business gains traction and we experience the sunlight. It’s a great feeling until we realise the work has just started. Sunlight is a moving target. So we fire up the engines and chase it with all we’ve got. Soon we realise it’s a losing battle. Let’s wait for […]

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The Yes

It’s not an easy thing to come by in business. We need to earn it. Yes is earned through effort, preparation and persistence. It doesn’t matter if this is a sale, pitching an idea, securing buy-in from colleagues or convincing friends and family to invest in your business. It’s hard work. You can try to […]

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Convenience Currency

Our ability to create convenience offers the opportunity for a premium. Convenience does not have to be expensive, but it is valuable. This value is determined by the value of the time and effort saved by the customer. The proliferation of tech has created immense opportunities to hack this currency. We access free cash almost […]

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