Great Customer Service

At the end of the day, customer service is the management of a relationship. This may be a short term transactional one, or a longer-term, partnership-based one. The quality of the service is determined by its effect on the perceived relationship these two parties have. Great customer service is, therefore, a function of relationship. Whatever […]

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Cannabis everything

There is a unique appeal to something that used to be forbidden. Open access creates the allure and excitement generated by the looming potential. People flock to it. Everyone wants a piece of the action. Enter Michael Porter. The market floods and profit margins even out. Not to worry, we can reignite the growth curve, […]

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Difficult work

In a world of ever-increasing options and instant access, the delivery of services and products are not enough. High-quality services and products are the gates you must pass through to earn access to the market. That’s easy work. To design this for pleasant customer experience is not. We think about business process optimisation from a […]

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Learning to care

What is the perspective of the person on the opposite end? When we care, this is the question we ask. Our outcomes, profits, reputation, and growth fade to the background. Great franchises are great because they care about their franchisees. They give them a great product in a good market with fantastic support. Their key […]

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What’s Missing

We have a tendency to look at output or capacity to determine what our businesses or our products are good at doing. It is challenging to differentiate when most products have similar outputs, contents etc. We tend to address this with the ‘bells and whistles’. Throw in the extra this and the complementary that. It […]

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