Anything in the world

If you could be anything, what would it be? Without all the restrictions, opinions, ideas or conditioning, what would you love to do? The answer reveals passions. Passions that may have been suppressed or neglected for a long time. Once you know what this is, identify the skills you need to do it. Which ones […]

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Boundless Creativity

Does it exist? We get so stuck reinventing, reinterpreting and reframing. Making old things new is creative and common. Beyond this, we find creativity that expands the boundaries. It lives on the fringes increasing the field of play. Accessing it requires interpretations of that which lies just beyond our reach. It’s a leapfrog in the […]

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Fenced In

The rapid pace of change requires us to respond to opportunity in the market very quickly. Such a response requires a great platform that serves as a springboard. We create a structure to enable this springboard effect. Structures tend to create fences. This is great when it channels all the cattle through our gate. Less […]

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Beautiful Disasters

There is a certain magic to it, the unpredictable. We spend our lives trying to shape, control, mitigate and minimise it. We prefer certainty. Certainty is not challenging. We pursue it. We should never achieve it. It’s the carrot that’s just far enough out of reach to keep us going down the road of discovery. […]

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