Run the Maze

Every problem we face feels like a maze. In the search for solutions, we constantly hit dead ends. This is especially true with more complex problems with no ‘discovered’ solutions. New businesses, start-ups, product development, strategy, corporate culture are all problems without blueprints. We understand the principles that help us to navigate the maze, but […]

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What you measure

We pay attention to what we measure. If you measure the time people clock in and out, people will conform the culture to clock in and out on time. That will not mean they spend the in time productively. If you measure the number of customers served you will get quick customer service. It probably […]

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Freedom Culture

Every business, association, and club has a culture. Chances are this culture came about by accident. Culture is an immensely powerful asset that takes years to evolve and settle. It determines how people treat divergent behavior, respond to conflict, deal with failure and capitalise on opportunities. Culture could also be the reason why you struggle […]

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