Business Plyometrics

Explosive power. The ability to exert maximum force in a short time interval. Plyometrics conditions our muscles for maximum output in a quick burst. The goal here is responsiveness. Having power on tap is useful in sports and activities that are unpredictable, non-repeatable or short. Basketball or downhill skiing are great examples. Business is faced […]

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The Lazy Option

Price. It’s a reflection of the added value. It’s determined by the buyer. This leaves us with two options in a competitive market. The easy option is to decrease our prices through efficiency and scales (or lower profit margins in exchange for volumes). In the long run, this is not easy. Our business is squeezed […]

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Cost drivers

The things that make you more expensive. Cost drivers have a bad wrap. Nobody likes things more expensive than they have to be. So identify your cost drivers, address them and everyone wins. You save money and you pass some of those savings on to your customer. Elegant in its simplicity. Until it’s not. Just […]

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Napoleon Complex

Sometimes we fall short. We don’t measure up. We don’t meet the bar. This can be devastating. It’s even worse when you can’t do anything about it. Like when you are too short to take a ride at the theme park or get into the basketball team. Mostly we can do something. Like a short […]

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Building in Confusion

This is often what entrepreneurs find themselves doing. You step out of a job into your own business. You imagined and designed. You tested and had positive results. Now you build. You have a compelling vision for the future. That propels you forward. You cannot predict the future. You are surrounded by confusion and contradiction. […]

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