Chasing Sunlight

We periodically achieve moments of brilliance. Our business gains traction and we experience the sunlight. It’s a great feeling until we realise the work has just started. Sunlight is a moving target. So we fire up the engines and chase it with all we’ve got. Soon we realise it’s a losing battle. Let’s wait for […]

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Behind the Scenes

It’s the training and the commitment that sets you up for success. The early mornings and late nights dedicated to the goal. The market research and planning get the business going. It looks easy when we only consider the end result. It’s the behind the scenes footage that makes the show possible. The seemingly insignificant, […]

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The value of one more

The challenge with one more is the law of diminishing returns. When we have only done something once, doing one more is a 100% increase. From the third, returns exponentially decrease. This quickly creates the impression that one more is less worth it. So we stop. We stop at good enough. What if we didn’t? […]

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Business Plyometrics

Explosive power. The ability to exert maximum force in a short time interval. Plyometrics conditions our muscles for maximum output in a quick burst. The goal here is responsiveness. Having power on tap is useful in sports and activities that are unpredictable, non-repeatable or short. Basketball or downhill skiing are great examples. Business is faced […]

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The Lazy Option

Price. It’s a reflection of the added value. It’s determined by the buyer. This leaves us with two options in a competitive market. The easy option is to decrease our prices through efficiency and scales (or lower profit margins in exchange for volumes). In the long run, this is not easy. Our business is squeezed […]

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