Tough Conversations

We prefer to avoid them. When we can’t (the cost of avoidance outweighs the benefits) it’s because the chips are on the table. The risk is high and the outcomes are uncertain. To add to this pressure conversations are always between people. Each person includes a package of hopes, fears, expectations, history and preconceived ideas. […]

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Dragons and Fairy-tales

Our imagination stretches the boundary of reality. It’s not important for the results to be factual or realistic. The more abstract the representation the more freedom it garners to address and question sensitive topics. Imaginative expression is an uncommon portrayal of fundamental truth. By investing the time to disassociate the truth from the harsh, uncomfortable […]

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Earn the right

Just because you are qualified, experienced or intelligent does not earn you the right. When you engage with other people about their lives, their business or their challenges you should earn the right to share your opinion. We have opinions about everything. We form them in an instant based on experience. This ability gets honed […]

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Learn the language

It’s not the customer’s responsibility to learn the language. The communicator is responsible for the clarity of the message. If language is a stumbling block, it is one the communicator should overcome. In other words, the party getting paid. When we come in with solutions, we speak in acronyms and concepts that are familiar to […]

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Our initial approach to systems and organisations plays a huge role in the outcomes we experience. Whether it’s a change management process, sales pitch or a radical idea, the organisation make a determination of the level of the threat. Anything new and unknown brings some level of discomfort. A threat activates a cascade of activities. […]

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