What if You’re Wrong?

It’s a question worth taking seriously. Chances are, we are wrong more often than not. We believe we are right because conventional wisdom confirms it. Science is on our side. So is history. History also proves that our understanding of truth is evolutionary. “According to what we know right now, I am probably right” is […]

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New potential realities are birthed every time a new intersection is created between unlikely industries. Cross-pollination creates new species of solutions that never existed before. We live in a time where there is so much to discover. Every new technology or industry that evolves brings with it countless possibilities in and of itself, but also […]

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Crafting by Candlelight

The light is not far-reaching. We see just enough to craft the masterpiece with which we are busy. It might seem insignificant or inconsequential at first. What we don’t realise is that so many others are crafting their own little masterpieces. When the right ones come together it becomes solutions. Like pieces of a puzzle, […]

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Intimidating Dreams

Mostly, we write off audacious dreams as a lack of experience or the follies of youth. Age teaches us that you are unlikely to make a significant impact on the world. Best to stick to what you know and build a life for yourself. That is enough. Enough should never be defined by what seems […]

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Core Competency

It’s what we find when we strip out the marketing, packaging, logos and copywriting. It is the essence of what you do. It’s also usually a strong indicator of the source of competitive advantage. It is for precisely this reason that we have mastered the art of embezzling it behind layers and layers of marketing […]

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