Turning Corners

The principles remain the same. Brake into the corner, accelerate out of it. Hit the apex. Successfully executing these repeatable activities ensures the fastest navigation of the corner. If it’s a corner we’ve never been around before, even though we know the principles, chances are we won’t execute it perfectly. We need to figure out […]

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External Reference

Some of us have an innate sense of direction. No matter where we are, we have a general idea of the direction we are facing or heading in. Some of us don’t. No matter which category you fall in, external references are helpful. The way the environment responds to our approaches, products or personalities provides […]

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Craft a strategic narrative

We are all about providing our customers with experiences. Marketing has moved from information selling to storytelling. And it’s powerful! You allow your customer to express their unique narrative within yours. What if we followed this same path with our strategies? They are still these lists of objectives and targets that we set out to […]

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A world in transition

The world is changing in ways we have never seen before. It’s undergoing a fundamental shift. This is calling into question everything we believe and understand about family, social connection, work, healthy living, and fundamental belief systems. This is a good thing. Transitions such as these bring into focus opinions and interpretations of truth we […]

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Transition Management

Change is a necessary consequence of growth. Intuitively we know this. Change is good. It allows us to grow up. It allows our gardens to flourish. It enables our understanding to evolve. It makes us uncomfortable. Joseph Campbell captured the essence of change. It is the Hero’s Journey. The path we all walk. If we […]

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