Default Setting

We all have them. It’s all the things we do without thinking. Not because we are lazy, but because the default setting has been programmed to execute without additional mental loading. This is useful for menial everyday tasks like driving, cooking, getting dressed. The existence of defaults in our thinking frees up processing power for […]

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It’s negotiated. You might get the work done without it, but it will take longer and will be a struggle. The alternative is to do the work. Take the time to accommodate the process others require to commit. It might take them longer. You might walk around the tree a couple of times. In the […]

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Objectives, Increments and Inputs

That is some fancy speak for goals, steps and actions. It works better when we simplify. We need goals to ensure we head in the right direction. This is achieved by crafting a compelling vision with an understanding of the purpose behind what we hope to achieve. It creates the direction, as well as the […]

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Lost in Translation

There are thousands of shades between white and black. When we talk about principles we define our origin and our destination (the black and the white). This inspires, motivates and invigorates. It stirs up hope. We leave these meetings, events or discussions feeling great. We can do anything! Let’s go forth and prosper. We depart […]

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