Outward and Inward

The final frontier awaits us. Space. It embodies our unquenchable thirst for expansion. We strive for bigger, more. Bigger and more consume increadible amounts of resources. Sustaining it over time requires sacrifices few are willing to bear. The allure of the unknown draws us still. While we spend so much time looking outward, beyond ourselves. […]

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Growth Spurts

Businesses grow in similar ways to the stock market. On a long timeframe, it appears to be a line sloping evenly through the period. If we zoom in on that same line, we realise it is filled with a pronounced movement of varying amplitudes mixed in with periods of stability. On aggregate, the results in […]

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Growth Curves

Every business follows a growth curve. Every business has crisis through which it will inevitably grow. You can prepare for them. You cannot avoid them. You can choose the rate of growth. How quickly do you want to scale? This sounds like a silly question. As quickly as possible! Consider that one of the largest […]

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