When you can’t

When we take responsibility, we act. We create vision. We inspire effort. We sometimes believe that great leaders always have the answers. We do not measure up to this belief. We inevitably encounter failure, delays, and difficulty. This is the path of every leader. Every person that takes responsibility will discover the sacrifice included in […]

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Strategic Ambidexterity

Exploit. This is when we use what we have and what we are good at to benefit from an opportunity in the marketplace.  It is like discovering oil in the Pacific, setting up a drill, and letting the oil flow. It operates on the principle of established markets. This is profitable and less risky. Explore. […]

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Can business thrive in South Africa?

We live in complex political and economic times. Decisions made at a political level affect sentiment, not only locally, but internationally. Sentiment in, in turn, affects investors’ willingness to bet on our horse. The downgrade to junk status will see significantly lower levels of foreign investment trickling to our shores. This has the business community […]

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