Crutches are useful for the displacement of weight when our ability to bear it is compromised. It facilitates the healing process of the compromised limb through rest. Initially walking with crutches is uncomfortable. Our arms are weak and our hands get blisters from the new source of constant friction. Over time we get stronger.  The […]

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Difficult work

In a world of ever-increasing options and instant access, the delivery of services and products are not enough. High-quality services and products are the gates you must pass through to earn access to the market. That’s easy work. To design this for pleasant customer experience is not. We think about business process optimisation from a […]

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It’s an expensive fix for when trust breaks down. Expensive resources now fill their time with the same activities meant to be done by their direct reports. It’s also a symptom of a bigger problem for which this fix is only temporary and not very effective. When trust breaks down, we need to limit the […]

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Gut Feeling

Your gut is an incredible system of bacteria. It is balanced and specific. It helps with the breakdown of food and the absorption of nutrients. It functions like a small ecosystem within a larger body that provides the energy to keep it going. The energy in your business is generated by people, assets and vision. […]

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