Prepared or Planned

They are not the same. Preparedness addresses our ability to respond to what happens. We could facilitate preparedness in one of two ways. Through planning or through packing. Packing is when we carry around a huge survival kit with all items we could possibly need in any situation. It does not require too much planning […]

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Founder Transcendence

The business you built from the ground up with blood sweat and tears shares your DNA. It shares your strengths and weaknesses. It the product of your vision and hard work. You are the creator that breathed life into this business. You are also one of the primary risks. Your business is not meant to […]

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Inductive Capacity

It’s when we can see connections that are not obvious. It exists. The way we understand our reality just obscures it. The good news is, inductive capacity is something we can improve. Before we can induce hidden connections, we must first understand the system we are in. We need to not only understand it’s outputs […]

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Business Pollinators

Business needs pollinators to do what they cannot do for themselves. These pollinators come in for a short period of time to carry ideas, innovations and fresh perspectives to other areas of your business. It allows your business to continue to flourish. The pollinators get food in return, which they stock up for the winter. […]

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Unless something is broken, don’t fix it. This is a worthwhile approach to processes. We develop and refine processes until they attain perfection. Once achieved, these processes should repeat consistently and efficiently. No tinkering required. Here, complacency is good. The reason we create processes is that we hope to achieve something. An outcome or result. […]

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