Validated Assumptions

The best business plans are based on a set of assumptions. Market size, customer needs, competitive advantage, expendable income, trend forecasting, demographic shifts, productions costs, sales volumes, etc. Any of these sound familiar? We are really good at identifying these assumptions and ensuring that we cover every last one. We throw them all into a […]

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When pilots learn to fly, they do so with visual frames of reference called VFR or visual flight rules. This is a great way to learn, but it restricts their flying to favourable conditions. When pilots progress in their training they receive an instrument rating. This allows them to fly IFR or instrument flight rules. […]

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What do startups do?

This is the million dollar question. You might be surprised to discover that all new businesses do the same thing. The purpose of a new business is to discover a business model. This seems counter-intuitive. Should you not be inventing products or marketing to customers? Those are consequences of an intentional search for a viable […]

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