It’s good to have some. With physical items, it’s easy to calculate the optimal level of reserves. We use stock turn-over, catastrophic loss or risk tolerances to determine adequate levels. With non-physical resources, science is much less exact. How resilient should we be when the business just isn’t working? How long do we keep training […]

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Stress and Pain

They have the same function. Let’s start with pain since we understand it better. It’s a physiological alarm that informs the body of impending or sustained injury. It’s critical to our survival. It’s not pleasant but it is necessary. Its purpose is to protect against harm. Stress fulfils the same function at a mental level. […]

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Count the cost

It’s hard to do accurately. Especially when it’s for something we have never done before like building a herb garden, or launching a product, or going through a business reconstruction. It’s almost always harder, more expensive and more time consuming than we expect. Incorrectly scoping cost causes us to overcommit. We take on more than […]

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