Defence Mechanisms

Some are unhealthy, like justification, disrespect, animosity or denial. These are reactions that are hard to control. Mostly, it’s automatic responses to triggers that set it off. We don’t always know what they are. We can’t always see them coming. Some are really healthy, like accountability, taking responsibility, apologising, not just with words, but with […]

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Fault lines

The earth’s crust is made up of several tectonic plates. Fault lines are the places where these plates meet. It’s places of high volatility. These plates are constantly moving and flexing. The results could be anything from tremours to major earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes. Most businesses are also riddled with fault lines. Like San Francisco, […]

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My business partner

This phrase usually starts a sentence that ends in one of two ways; admiration or conflict. To be fair, most business partnerships start with some form of mutual admiration and respect. We strengthen each other’s weaknesses and help the idea grow into a business. Then, inevitably, conflict occurs. It does so ever more frequently. Our […]

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Founder Transcendence

The business you built from the ground up with blood sweat and tears shares your DNA. It shares your strengths and weaknesses. It the product of your vision and hard work. You are the creator that breathed life into this business. You are also one of the primary risks. Your business is not meant to […]

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Growth Spurts

Businesses grow in similar ways to the stock market. On a long timeframe, it appears to be a line sloping evenly through the period. If we zoom in on that same line, we realise it is filled with a pronounced movement of varying amplitudes mixed in with periods of stability. On aggregate, the results in […]

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