In the final analysis.

The hand was dealt. The cards were played. The project was completed. The cookie has crumbled. What do we discover? The final analysis offers the opportunity for reflection. It presents a chance to grow, learn, evolve and transcend. It requires a dissection of the preparation, the experience and the outcome. We analyse our original assumptions […]

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Funding is good…

Customers are better. Instead of spending time in search of grant funding, invest time to find your tribe. They may be small and reclusive. But you inspire them. They believe in your dream and appreciate your value. They need you. When the goal is value, the metrics for success change. When we change what we […]

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Our ability to measure is the first step to progress. When we create a measurement, our first implementation provides a benchmark. This allows for testing, monitoring and improvement. It offers opportunities for incremental change. With quantifiable data, we set targets, create roadmaps and improve over time. Some data does not lend itself to quantity. The […]

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Executable and Repeatable

In drag racing, we try to go as fast as we can over a pre-determined distance. Teams spend countless hours perfecting every split second of the race to shave time off the performance. It’s silly to not spend some of that time on perfecting our brakes. Brakes have no effect on our race time. In […]

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Validated Assumptions

The best business plans are based on a set of assumptions. Market size, customer needs, competitive advantage, expendable income, trend forecasting, demographic shifts, productions costs, sales volumes, etc. Any of these sound familiar? We are really good at identifying these assumptions and ensuring that we cover every last one. We throw them all into a […]

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