The Game Show Hypothesis

Most game shows are designed to appeal to our competitive nature. The design requires that the contender have well-developed and well-rounded skills in a wide range of fields. There are very few people in the world with such a well-developed ability. This coaxes contenders into incompetence (by playing on their competitive nature), giving up their […]

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Decision Guardrails

Guardrails function not to restrict but to protect. It indicates the edge of the motorway and helps you stay on it, specifically in dangerous or tricky areas. It’s also preemptive in nature. It is installed at precarious areas of the road to avoid fatalities and damage. The funny thing is, we hardly notice them. On […]

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Captain in the crow’s nest

Traditionally, captains function at the helm of the ship. They ensure the vessel is steered correctly and accurately. They have a firm grasp on the execution of the vision. This position includes inherent blind spots. Although the captain has a great view of the ship, his ability to spot to the horizon is limited. He […]

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It’s hard work. We all have different ideas, opinions and experiences. We all think we are right. We all are. It is certainly easier to do your own thing. You have less compromises. You do not have to admit your biases. You get to remain comfortably under your own rock. You get less done. Collaboration […]

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