The Fight of your Life

It’s not where you might expect. Sure, there are many big fights we might encounter. Some of the big ones include poverty, access to education, bias in its many forms, privilege, geographical reality and even health. These are tough fights. They continue to claim many victims. Many of these fights are symptoms of systemic exclusion […]

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When the carpet doesn’t stick.

It catches us off guard. Often with dire consequences. Mostly because we are not prepared for it. It seems unnecessary to spend time preparing for something that will only occur if an intervention produces the opposite result. Carpets are designed to prevent slips on sleek tile surfaces. To a large extent, this is its core […]

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Our perception of curvature is based on our position relative to the object. Flat disks viewed from the side look no different than a straight line. (Welcome to Flatland.) Curvature is deceptive. The presence of curvature changes the qualities of the object we are perceiving. It introduces nuance. Curvature usually adds an additional dimension. This […]

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Conflict of Interest

It’s an issue of motive. Are you able to act in my best interest or our combined best interest or are you driving self-serving agendas? Does this have the potential to be symbiotic or is it parasitic and dressed up? The challenge with these questions is that most of the time we end up being […]

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