We do this often. We tend to favour an interpretation of reality that is slightly rosy. It’s a good thing. Without a default sunny disposition, we might be quite prone to despondence and lack of interest. The result is that we think quitting a bad habit will be easier than it actually is. The project […]

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Increasing Performance

There are two levers to manipulate. Do more of the good stuff. Do less of the bad stuff. The choice seems linear and inconsequential. This is not true. When a car is not fuel-efficient we could just pour in more fuel and get where we are headed. It will cost more (more good stuff) but […]

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Upward spirals bring us closer to the impossible with every step. It raises the bar and extends our reach. Small, sequential steps in the right direction translating to massive gains over time. Each a small victory. Each victory makes the next easier and more likely. Upward spirals include positive time use, commitment, collaboration, social accountability, […]

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The tribe has spoken…

You might not agree with the tribe. This leaves you with two choices: 1. Change your tribe. Find a new tribe, a new customer base, a new cookie monster client. Find the group you can connect with and add value to. Move to a group where your value is appreciated and they encourage and equip […]

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