When you don’t know

It’s so easy to access information. It’s at our fingertips, instant and free. We can learn on the go with just in time knowledge. All we need is a basic understanding of what it is we need to know but don’t and where to look for it. This is useful when we require knowledge. Understanding […]

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Earn the right

Just because you are qualified, experienced or intelligent does not earn you the right. When you engage with other people about their lives, their business or their challenges you should earn the right to share your opinion. We have opinions about everything. We form them in an instant based on experience. This ability gets honed […]

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Crossing the equator

Our brains have an amazing capacity for recalibration. We live with a constant directional force imposed on us. The Coriolis Effect is most pronounced closer to the poles and less pronounced at the equator. The trick it, it rotates in two different directions depending on which hemisphere you are in. You might be really good […]

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Funding your start-up

We have romanticised the idea that some angel investor will give you lots of money to start a business. We prefer this because it seems easy, and mitigates our risk. Let’s manage expectations. The majority of start-ups are funded predominantly by three sources: Entrepreneurs’ money. That’s right, your own hard cash. Not just hours and […]

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Safety Net

We use them when we try something new. Specifically when that new thing is hard and risky. It provides some security while we create new mental pathways. It allows us to focus all our energy on getting the critical things right, without using precious mental faculties calculating the risks. Eventually, you take away the net. […]

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