When others know your goals

you are much more likely to achieve them. Public statements of intent create accountability. This is especially useful since we adapt the narrative to suit our own comfort. Without external accountability, we are easily able to adjust our expectations and goals. We justify the adjustments to ourselves due to all the unforeseen circumstances, other realities […]

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Owning up

This is what remains when we are confronted with failure. We can blame shift, or design elaborate excuses. This just drags the failure along with us. The only way to move forward is to own up. For leaders, this is even more complicated. Leaders can delegate responsibility, but never accountability. The final outcome is always […]

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Burden of Leadership

It’s a sacrifice. Leadership is not about you. Healthy leadership understands the price required to steer and pursue the purposes not of an individual, but of a collective entity, a team, a business, a group, a party. Leadership is a function with a high personal cost. If you succeed, you reap the rewards of association […]

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Crutches are useful for the displacement of weight when our ability to bear it is compromised. It facilitates the healing process of the compromised limb through rest. Initially walking with crutches is uncomfortable. Our arms are weak and our hands get blisters from the new source of constant friction. Over time we get stronger.  The […]

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They are intended to be functional rather than fluffy. They denote the level of responsibility. They indicate decision-making capacity and span. They should be accepted with respect and treated for the weight they place on the shoulders of the bearers. They can easily become accolades and prizes indicating privilege and influence. The titles indicate the […]

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