Pulling Teeth

If you are like most people, this is one of the experiences you hope to avoid. You brush teeth twice a day and don’t eat sugar to prevent and delay it as long as possible. When it happens, it’s an event (hopefully one-off). Although it’s not pleasant, it’s certainly better than the alternative (dealing with […]

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It’s negotiated. You might get the work done without it, but it will take longer and will be a struggle. The alternative is to do the work. Take the time to accommodate the process others require to commit. It might take them longer. You might walk around the tree a couple of times. In the […]

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Who’s gonna drive?

The most profound conundrum of our time. Whether you are planning a point to point expedition or a night out on the town, someone has to sit out the fun. They must be willing to run logistics and not experience the grand adventure. While the rest are getting psyched for exciting possibilities, they raise their […]

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Chorus Line Hypothesis

It’s the idea that large swarms of birds do not follow a leader or a neighbour, but instead, anticipate choreography coming down the line. The research suggests that the reaction time of most birds are not fast enough to maintain the graceful manoeuvres. Primarily the function of these swarms is the evasion from and protection […]

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Never saw it coming

There is an idea in quantum physics that particles could be connected across time and space. It does not make much sense and is very hard to explain when we only think in three dimensions. If we consider the reality including many more dimensions than we interact with or understand, it is possible for a […]

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